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Sunday, October 25, 2020


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1984 - Twenty years On
A Busted Flush
A Child is Born
Advice To Bush and Blair
Advice To Network Rail
Advice To Pope Benedict
A Hammer to Crack a Nut
An Idiot's Guide to Assessing Organisational Performance
An Open Letter to the Non Executive Directors of Cable and Wireless
A Note of Optimism for the Future of Relations with North Korea
A Poll Tax by Any Other Name
Arnold Schwarzenegger's Most Demanding Role
A Simple Guide to Investing
Attributes of a World Class Internal Audit Department
Body Language
Britain's Libel Laws, Welcome to "Lah-Lah Land"
Characteristics of an Effective Audit Committee
Characteristics of a Well Managed Organisation
Cherie's Memoirs
CIA Airlines
Codes of Conduct, the Ethical Principles of Companies
Commuting Hell
Confidence in the Financial System
Congrats To Tony Blair
Contingency Planning
Contingency Planning - Grangemouth
Counter Points To Militant Vegetarianism
Criminal waste
Dockers, Dinosaurs and Disputes
Does Anyone Really Care Anymore?
Don't Be So Cocky
Don't Dilute The Brand
Euroland's Descent Into Chaos
Get off Your Backsides
Growing Together - EU Advert Banned
Heightened Threat Levels
Hillary Clinton and Heather Mills
#Horsegate Explained
How to Waste Tax Payers' Money
Identity Theft
If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It
In Place of Strife
Inside The Brown Bunker
In The Navy!
Iraq, What Needs to be Done
Israel's Blockade of Gaza
It's a Dirty Business
Joining The Dots
Lancing The Boil
Leadership and Change Management
Less is More
Lions Led by Donkeys
Make Poverty History
McCafferty's Cat
McCafferty's Cat II
Met Office Fails
Number 10 Blunders Again
One Simply Cannot Find the Staff
Our Heroic Home Secretary
Paranoia Over the Enlarged EU
Parmalat, a Warning to Directors
Parmalat, Europe's Enron
Pass the Sickbag
Post Script to My Article on Britain's Libel Laws
Power Outages in the USA - An Open Letter to The President and Other Interested Parties
President Bush's State Visit to Britain
Preventing Cheque Fraud, it's Not Rocket Science!
Pro Forma Guideline on Internet Usage
Protests Over Healthcare Reform in The US
Putting the Genie Back into the Bottle
Risk Management
Scandinavian Airlines-an Object Lesson in Management Motivational Techniques
Signs of Life
Snouts in The Trough
Something that Really Scares Me
Spot the Difference
Sugar Backs Brown
Ten Reasons Frauds Occur
Ten Types of Fraud
The Absurdity of English Pub Closing Time
The Added Value of Internal Audit, a Brief Overview
The Bush Resume
The Butler Report
The Chinese Civil Service Exam
The Coalition of the Willing
The Cricket Test Revisited
The Crocodile Tears of Labour MP's
The Cruise Brothers
The Current Situation in Saudi Arabia
The Diana Memorial Fountain - A Memorial To New Labour
The Dis-United States of Europe
The Dulwich Experiment Revisited
The Electric Commode
The Emperor's Clothes
The End of The Olympics
The Enemy Within
The European Constitution - The Longest Suicide Note in History
The European Elections for the Invisible Parliament
The Hidden Dangers of Offshore Companies
The Hillary and Bill Show
The Illusion of Increasing Property Values
The Impact of the Euro
The Implications of the Higgs and Smith Reports
The Lesson of History
The Lesson of The Million Dollar Biro
The Light of Perverted Science
The Merging of the Customs and Inland Revenue
The Myth of Fast Food Addiction
The Only Party in Town
The Penny Has Finally Dropped
The Pentagon Boeing Affair
The Photos of Torture in Iraq
The Price of Petrol
The Real Reasons for the "Low" Level of Unemployment
The "Road to Nowhere"-The Delusion of the Burgeoning Public Sector
The Role of the Non-Executive Director
The Rotten Core at The Heart of Britain's Financial System
The Rushdie Affair
The Search for Saddam and WMD (A Short Poem)
The Source of Creative Inspiration
The Stench of Corruption in the EU
The Sulking Conservatives
The Tax Gluttons
The Top Ten Reasons Why ID Cards Are Bollocks
The True Colours of The EU
The Value of Non Doms
The Wages of Spin
The Yob Epidemic
There Was A Young Man Called Ed
Tony Blair's Great Political Wheeze
Tony Blair to Replace Alastair Campbell
Vile Politicians Stoking The Flames
What's the Difference Between the UK Conservative Party and 29000 Rubber Ducks?
What's Your Definition of Freshness?
What Use Are the Olympics?
What Use Is Religion?
WMD Found in Tikrit
Why We Don't Need The Royal Mail
You Get What You Ask For